Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance

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"Goodbye, flies! Thanks to my new Belfans fan, our outdoor dinners are now uninterrupted. Seriously, it works wonders."- Ellen
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From curious to confident

The dots on the blades refract light, which frightens the insects and deters them. To their small minds, this movement seems unnatural in nature and appears threatening to them.

No, our fly repellent fan does not generate any airflow. Its primary function is to deter flies, bees, and wasps without cooling the food.

Yes, our Belfans comes with soft and flexible blades that stop spinning when your hand approaches! This means when you're ready to load up your plate - the fan won't get in the way.

These fans can run on 2 AA batteries for convenience and mobility, ideal for outdoor use without access to power outlets. They also include a USB cable for operation via external power, but this does not recharge the batteries.

On the average 6 to 8 seat dining table, two Belfans are recommended.