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What Is a Fly Repellent Fan
If you enjoy having guests for dinner or barbeque in your backyard, you surely noticed how annoying flies and insects can become. These uninvited guests can quickly turn a delightful outdoor feast into a frustrating battle. A battle that, most of the time, you lose and end up finishing your dinner plate inside.
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The idea that if you flick a hand or something whippy in the general direction of a fly or wasp, it will think better of trying to land on you or your food is not the most complicated proposition. Yet the history of the flyswatter is richer than some might think.
Belfans Fly Repellent Fan
Here's how I saved summer dinners in the backyard from the constant torment of flies and insects. I want to share my story because I know it will resonate with you… Just read it all the way to the end…